Know Faster, Invest Better

Better returns are not only about more retirement income, but also about meaningful change for society.

We are combining Big Data, AI and Domain Expertise to generate investment and social α.

Government Macro Data Need Help

Billions of dollars are invested based on 1 to 3 month slow, up to 80% revised, and biased data.

Many UN SDG Goals are harder to track in absence of good data!

Combining Many Types Of Data and Narratives

No one type of data can be the solution. We combine many types of data - sensor such as satelllite, mobile phones, micro - such as credit card, job postings, accounting, social data such as search, with social narratives via twitter, reddit etc. to paint a live picture of what is happening.

For Massive Social and Commercial Impact

What is Social Alpha?
New, useful and easily available information that can help drive meaningful change at a society level. We believe that open-source, real-time and easily consumable tracking of important goals such as UN SDG can dramatically improve community involvement (Information Wants to be Free) and hence outcomes.

For example, as India becomes the populous country in the world by 2027 it will make major leaps in its development such as providing access to electricity to even more villages. It would be amazing if the percent of renewable electricity increases rather than coal and gas fired plants and India no longer remains the #1 emitter of SO2 in the world. The current data to track these metrics at supranational institutions like the World Bank are delayed by 2-5 years . That cannot be good for decision making! We wish to help make this real-time since it affects the entire planet.